Creative AI

We are researching and developing creative AI that produces valuable content such as paintings, designs and music.
Creative AI does not simply replace the work of human creators, but
The AI ​​stimulates the imagination of human creators by creating ideas and creative amounts that humans can not do, and creates unprecedented creations.

case study

At DataGrid, we conduct various research and development.
We will introduce some examples from that.

Automatic content generation

Idle generation AI

As an in-house R & D, we have developed a creative AI that automatically generates imaginary idols with high resolution and high quality by making AIs that use a technology called GAN learn the face images of idols.

Whole body model generation AI

Utilizing GAN, we have developed a "full-body model automatic generation AI" that automatically generates full-body images of non-existent people at high resolution (1024 x 1024), which was difficult in the past. We continue to research and develop virtual humans in a wide range of fields, including advertising and apparel.

Character generation AI

In collaboration with Aeria, Inc., we conducted research and development on automatic generation of character images using AI. By using this generation technology, it is possible to create new content by co-creation with human creators and significantly reduce the cost of producing content.

Core technology

GAN (hostile network)

Until now, the tasks performed by AI have mainly been predictions, but in recent years, AI generation technology has made dramatic progress. We are very interested in a generation technology called GAN (hostile generation network) that applies deep learning. GAN enables the development of creative AI that generates valuable content. We are developing creative AI using this generation technology.

We are developing new AI models ...