Development of "whole body model automatic generation AI" which generates whole body image of non-existent person

Deploy as a virtual model in the advertising and apparel field

Data Learning Co., Ltd. (Head office: 36-1, Yoshida-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu Kyoto University International Science and Innovation Building West Building 1 floor, President and CEO Yuki Okada, “DataGrid”) is deep learning Developed “Whole Body Model Automatic Generation AI” that automatically generates whole body images of non-existent people with high resolution (1024 × 1024), which was difficult in the past, using GAN (Hostile Generation Network) using .

1. Background and purpose of development
DataGrid developed an automatic idle generation AI in 2018 month of 6. However, with idle automatic generation AI, only the face area was generated, and there was not enough expressive power. Therefore, in order to improve the expressive power of the generated person, we have been working on 2 research and development of “whole body generation” and “motion generation”. The high-precision whole-body generation model was a challenging research and development with no precedent, but this time, we have successfully generated a high-resolution (1024 x 1024) whole-body model image stably.
2. Overview of automatic whole body model generation AI

GAN (Generative Adversarial
It is possible to generate non-existent whole body model images with high resolution and high quality by making AI that applies deep learning called Network (hostile generation network) to learn a large number of whole body model images. Automatic generation of full-body model AI is expected to be used as a virtual model for advertising and apparel EC.

3. Future prospects

We will further improve the accuracy of the whole-body model automatic generation AI and research and develop the motion generation AI. In addition, we will conduct demonstration experiments with advertising and apparel companies to develop functions required for actual operation.

■ DataGrid Corporation Company Profile
Company Name: DataGrid Co., Ltd.
Representative: President and Representative Director Yuki Okada
Address: 606-8501, Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto City Sakyo-ku Yoshida Honmachi 36 Address 1 Kyoto University International Science Innovation Building West Building B1 Floor
Established: July 5th, 2017