Co-creating products that AI blends in naturally

Infiltrate AI deeply and naturally into everything, without people having a special consciousness
The future society that can receive the great benefits is our social vision.
And, through open innovation with companies and universities toward the realization of this vision,
Our mission is to co-create products that naturally blend in with AI.


Our core technology, GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), gives computers creativity and enables them to create a variety of data.Its technical possibilities are rapidly expanding from utilization such as image generation and image conversion to application to drug discovery and security areas.


Digital human

Digital human

Data generation

Data generation

Image processing


AI co-development

AI development utilizing the advanced technology cultivated in GAN's research and development.We will collaborate with data holder companies in each industry to realize open innovation in the AI ​​field.

When using AI in the field of business, the important thing is "what to do with AI". AI technology is advancing rapidly, and it is often the case that what was technically difficult a few months ago is now in the practical stage.As a result, what you can and cannot do with AI is often confused.Starting from the planning stage of "what to do with AI" together with the client, we will carry out everything from project management to development and operation.