Humans created by AI
AI × Creative

Realize a society created with AI

Until now it has been said that it is difficult for AI to do creative work.
We are developing creative AI by applying deep learning.
AI stimulates the imagination of human creators and aims to be a society where people and AI co-create.

Creative AI

Idle generation AI

We are researching and developing creative AI that generates valuable content such as paintings, designs and music using a technology called GAN (hostile generation network) that applies deep learning.

By letting AI learn idle images as in-house research and development, we developed creative AI that automatically generates fictional idols with high resolution and high quality. By applying this generation technology to other fields, we propose a new content production method using AI.


AI co-development

AI development utilizing the advanced technology cultivated in the research and development of Creative AI. Work with data holders companies in each industry to realize open innovation in the AI ​​field.

The important thing when utilizing AI in the field of business is "what to do with AI". AI technology is rapidly advancing, and it is often the case that what was technically a few months ago is now at the practical stage. Therefore, it is often confused that what you can do with AI can not be done. Starting from the planning stage "What do you do with AI" with the client, we will do everything from project management to development and operation.